Saturday, June 18, 2016

Welcome to Otherworld the Land of Tirn Aill

Hello, this page is our link site to the game, to the forums, to the wiki, and to the voting sites.

The Quick Connect link above is not intended to be a full fledged play method for the game,
as it does not have features such as triggers, aliases, capture logs.  It can be convenient for playing when installing a program is not feasible.  

You can even connect to Otherworld from your phone!  Using a free telnet or MUD app.

No matter which telnet or MUD program you use, connect using our address:      port 4000

As a MUD, Tirn Aill has been around since the beginning of 1996 and will always be 100% free. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Gathering Marred by Undead

Scarlet-cloaked Skeleton have been attacking the couples gathering in Certhan for the holidays.  Oh, the terrible fates!  Now, ghoul lords have begun rising from the ground around Certhan!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Something Amiss in Certhan

They just can't catch a break in Certhan, strange pilgrims have come to the city and they don't seem to have good intentions.  Also, there is a horde of turkeys roaming the streets.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Halloween Invasions Continue

The Pumpkin King has appeared in Certhan park and the Headless Horseman in Necropolis! Beware!  They haven't been seen for a few years, and have powered up a little bit. The horseman has one rare drop, otherwise everything is common. Have fun with his crazy hijinx.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Summoner class added!

At long last, Summoners are in the game.   Their help files are still under construction. :)

They have three skill groups: minions, theurgy, and guardians

   1 Subjugate - use on weakened target to create a guardian grimoire
   1 Grimoire - view your guardian stats from the current grimoire on-hand
   1 Conjure - activate a guardian using an on-hand grimoire
   1 Summoner(passive) - creatures summoned using Summon spell will be charmd if possible

Minions - the art of summoning small, typically weak assistants to attack your enemies
             these all have very low health but have fairly decent other stats.  they lose health
             over time and eventually die.  no hard cap, just based on charisma.
 10 earth - solid tanky golem type
 20 air - ranger, evasive attacker elemental type
 30 ice - high damage decent armor golem
 40 fire - high int elemental type, decent phys attack, very fragile
 50 water - medium stats elemental type
 60 electric - high int evasive elemental type
 70 blood - vampiric high damage golem, sustains its own health if not focused on too heavily.
 80 mirror - glass cannon holy golem type but it has permanent magic reflection
 90 blade - warlord type physical damager
100 chaos - savant type magical damager

Theurgy - the art of summoning various magicks to aid the summoner or his/her group members
 10 theurgicshield - target receives armor buff and increased crit chance
 20 primordialbolt- single, slow magic hit, strikes for extra damage to targets of poison, dark, holy
     element or creatures of otherworldly origin such as ghosts, angels, gods, etc.
 30 accretion - heals target for 15% health and vitality and applies a short duration small bonus to
     hit chance, damage roll, and magic roll. this buff can be applied multiple times to increase the
     amount given to these statistics, but the duration does not increase.  restarts when it fades.
 40 rubyshield - target takes 50% less spell damage for short duration and attacker takes the other 50% of
     magic damage.
 50 simulacre - summons a copy of the summoner to replace and protect him or her.
 60 lifeshield - short duration reverse damage shield buff that restores 2% max health to the target when struck.
 70 fusionbolt - damages target and heals summoner+guardian for dmg portion.
 80 antishieldpulse - ae anti-armor magic damage hit, that also reduces victims armor.
 90 lifestream - heals the target for half of the current health of the summoner.
100 havocwing - semi-ae magic hit and places a vorpal wound upon the target.

Guardian - abilities that make use of your guardian or help you and your guardian
 10 impact - (requires guardian) physical attack to one target with chance to knock down.
 20 swirl - (requires guardian) damaging attack to one target, temporarily increases guardian evasion.
 30 frenetic - (requires guardian) guardian counters all direct physical hits for a short time.
 40 outcry- (requires guardian) ae magic damage with chance of stun.
 50 warden - (requires guardian) guardian takes all damage summoner would have taken
     for a short time.
 60 airborne - (requires flying guardian) hop on guardian to deliver big physical hit.
     uses the turns of both summoner and guardian.
 70 deathbinding - (requires guardian) +50% spell damage for summoner, +100% for guardian.
     does not stack with lifebinding. cannot use until the other fades.
 80 vestigialbreath - (requires guardian) AE breath attack for element of guardian.
 90 lifebinding - (requires guardian) +50% healing done from summoner and +100% from guardian.
     does not stack with deathbinding. cannot use until the other fades.
100 laststand - (requires guardian) guardian becomes invulnerable for short duration. only usable if guardian
     is below 50% life. guardian is slightly less able to keep aggro for duration.

Basic Spells and Skills:
   call lightning       learned at level   9   |    chain lightning      learned at level  30
   create food          learned at level   1   |    create water         learned at level   2
   demon fire           learned at level  10   |    detect invisibility  learned at level   5
   dodge                learned at level   7   |    electroshock         learned at level   1
   explosion            learned at level  18   |    fireball             learned at level   6
   fly                  learned at level   3   |    healing rain         learned at level  25
   healingglyph         learned at level  12   |    inferno              learned at level  22
   meditate             learned at level  15   |   summon               learned at level   1

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Minor invasions in Certhan and Necropolis

Some strange floating pumpkins and rabid wolves, and ghosts have been spotted in Certhan and Necropolis. Is this is a sign of something worse to come?

Thursday, August 28, 2014


 Zuthustra guards now allow up to level 15 magi into the tower. They also now
   permit more caster types than just Mages.
 Fixed a bug that prevented Comgell and raiding orcs from going onto the map.
 Fixed the math for Cleric Mindcontrol class prof ability.  It no longer requires
   the target to be much lower level than you and/or dumber.
 Disabled selling multiple items at the same time for now due to a bug and
   potential gold exploit.
 Training hunger and thirst freedoms at max level now costs an appropriate amount.
 Fixed a bug in Profwarningsoff that prevented it from working.