Monday, March 21, 2011

Race: Wemic

   Wemics are also known as "liontaurs."  They have the body of a lion and
a humanoid torso, with a complete covering of fur.  Wemic faces have a feline
appearance: some humans say that this makes their speech sound funny.
   Such humans soon encounter the wemic's notorious hot temper.  Since wemics
are generally stronger and better-built than humans, the wemic tends to come
out on top of such confrontations.  Wemics have the ability to attack by
pouncing on a victim and knocking him over.
   Wemic fur tends to be blond or light brown.  This, combined with their
comparatively large eyes, makes them look "cute" to centaurs--- almost like
a centaur teddy bear.  Wemics are not known to appreciate this comparison.

Wemic - Fighting Instinct, Pounce, Stalk     +1S     +1D -2W     +2c   +2V

Fighting Instinct - Automatic ability to get clawing attacks in battle
   periodically, and automatically jump to your feet if you're knocked down.
Pounce - A leaping attack that knocks an opponent down. Can only be used to
   initiate combat.
Stalk - Innate ability to track and sneak after prey, those are the
   commands to use to enable it.

Lv100: Wemicanroar - Strike fear into your enemies, reducing their damage.

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